Women aged 23 and 31 arrested for robbery by stretching elderly people in Tavira

The detainees appeared in court yesterday

Two women, aged 23 and 31, were arrested this Wednesday, February 28, for robbery by stretching elderly people, in the town of Luz de Tavira. 

During a patrolling action, the GNR detected a vehicle in a hidden location, where there were two men, aged 21 and 28, who hid when they saw the Guard's car, and were approached and inspected following the action.

During the approach, the military noticed an alert from a person regarding a robbery, «and the two men became quite agitated, which immediately raised signs that their presence was related to the situation», explains the GNR in note.

After moving to the location, they saw that a group of people were chasing two women, having managed to approach the 23-year-old woman, who had in her possession the stolen gold thread using tension. The other woman, aged 31, was later intercepted by members of the public near the train station and handed over to the GNR.

After police investigations, the 23-year-old woman was arrested for stealing from a 74-year-old man. The GNR also found that, moments before, the same suspect had also tried to steal a gold thread from a 64-year-old man. As for the remaining three members of the group, they were constituted as defendants and subject to identity and residence terms.

Following this police action, and with the collaboration of the Tavira Public Security Police, it was possible to associate elements of this group with other crimes that occurred in the North of the country.

Furthermore, it was found that the 31-year-old woman was suspected of a robbery by stretching a gold thread, which occurred on November 14, 2023, in the town of Ferreiras, Albufeira, with the victim being a 74-year-old man. This crime was being investigated at the Albufeira Criminal Investigation Center, which led to the woman being arrested on warrants for arrest outside of the act of committing a crime.

In addition to the gold thread, three cell phones, 268,38 euros in cash and the vehicle in which they were being transported were also seized.

The detainees, aged 23 and 31, were brought to court yesterday, with the youngest being held in pre-trial detention in Odemira. 

The action was reinforced by the Criminal Investigation Nucleus (NIC) in Tavira.

Updated at 12:30 pm with new information about preventive detention.