Lagos opens “open-air gallery” alongside LAC

The Algarve city was one of four international locations to host part of the Tous Droits Dans le Mur

Lagos will inaugurate a outdoor gallery this Thursday, March 28th, at Rua da Marombeira, in another initiative by LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory.

The Algarve city was one of four international locations to host part of the Tous Droits Dans le Mur, an event that allows art and culture to be at the service of universal causes.

This event, directed and developed by N'Jinga Simone Falorca Teodoro, gave life to 14 varied actions with 20 partners, including LAC – Laboratory of Creative Activities.

Among the actions, works of art by 81 artists from 32 countries were dispersed to create four “open-air galleries”, one of them in Lagos, entitled “Abridged Wall of Hope” which will once again support International Women's Rights.

The pasting of posters will take place from 10:30 am to 20:30 pm, today, March 28th.


Artists represented

Alessandra BB, Alessandra Roccasalva, Alexandra Gallagher, Andrea Mantovani, Anne-Jeanne Walle-Ott, Annia Drawing, Anouk Tonus, Audrey Levy, Ayna Paisley, Baptiste David, Benedicte Voglio, BPX Music, Browngirlart, Bëgum, Carole Pueo, Caryn Koh, Catherine Lupis Thomas, Chloé Seguin, Ciet Friethoff, Cleo.Illustration, Dana Stefania Apostol, Djoulaylapapaye, Débora Sandjai Leonor, Ejti Stih, Emilie Arfeuil, Emotional Waterfall, Eye Wrote, Fanny Vella, Fatima Wojohat, Floette Cachuete, Florence Combescure, Floriane Sordes , Florina ALEDO-PEREZ, Giulia Spanghero, Haifa Subay, Hanna Barczyk, Hanna Dujmovic,, Jayde Perkin, Jenni Granholm, Jérôme Deguines, Kashink1, Katarina Nedeljkovic, l_Empreinte_jo_v, Leni Whitford, Lona Verlich, Maa, Mad_Fildz, Maria Adela Diaz, Marilena Nardi, Marjane Saidi, Maryam_Hussaini79, Mathilde Polidori, MelFlo, Miss Glueniverse, Mona Elkateb, Mostafa Heravi, Mustafa Haidari, Nathalie Trovato, Nicole Miegge, O.Vingt, Olesya Lisa Art, Ouma_Oumema, Patricia Mariano, Phoebe New York, Poésie Masculine, Regg Salgado, Regina Jose Galindo, Romulo Santa Rita, Rossella Genovese, Sancko, Sarah Jarrettart, Seb.M, Sinalo Ngcaba, Sira June, Tamara Alves, Telma_07z, Valerie Leroy, Valoushka, Yaara Eshet, Zhytnica, Eve Devore