This Algarve shows itself on stage

This is a show that has no scenography and in which the actors will wear masks

It's about the Algarve and made by Algarvians. The theater show “ Quando para sul / O azul / Luar” takes the stage at Teatro das Figuras, in Faro, this Thursday, March 21nd, from 21:30 pm, to talk about the region – at its best and at its worst. 

After already having screenings at both Cineteatro Louletano and Mákina de Cena, the show will have a session in Faro.

O Sul Informação spoke with Carolina Santos, director of Mákina de Cena, in one of the last rehearsals, with the actress explaining what to expect from “ Quando para sul / O azul / Luar”.

It all started with a open call, direct invitations to some structures, a workshop and residencies in various parts of the Algarve (Lagos, Lagoa, Faro and Loulé), before ending up at the show.

«We, being from here, from the Algarve, make sense to talk about what we know. So, we created a map, with strata – we are talking about good and bad things and we assigned each one a zone,” he said.

«We assume that it is as if it were a stone that starts to roll from the North towards the South and crosses several characters. We start with a character up here, he starts to descend towards the city and we watch,” she added.

And why talk about the Algarve, with scenes, for example, in which health or mobility gaps in the region are addressed?

«Because it is the matter that we know. It would actually be much easier to take a text and bring it to the stage», said the actress.

Each of the actors (Angelo Lorusso, Carolina Santos, Laura Pereira, Letícia Blanc, Mauro Coelho, Rafaella Ambrozio, Sara Vicente, Tânia Silva, João Tátá Regala) developed a scene, based on the themes they wanted to address.

«But there ends up being a lot of collaborative work, which is incredible because it results in a very strong group strength and a great pleasure in doing this show together», he added.

This is a show that has no scenography and in which the actors will wear masks.

On stage will be actors from structures such as ACTA – A Companhia de Teatro do Algarve, A Fera Teatro, Ar Quente, Artis XXI, Sin-Cera Teatro, Te.Atrito, TEL – Teatro Experimental de Lagos.

Basically, it is «a house full of Algarvians, or residents of an Algarve, who see us talking about what is also their home».

Tickets are on sale here 


Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação



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