CRESC Algarve 2020 participated in 25 million projects in the area of ​​Natural and Cultural Heritage

CCDR highlights the intervention at the Lagos Museum

The CRESC Algarve 2020 Operational Program allocated more than 25 million euros to share investments in the area of ​​Natural and Cultural Heritage, which, in total, amounted to 37,4 million euros, revealed the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission.

Of these investments in the heritage sector, the same entity highlights the Remodeling, Modernization and Dynamization project of the Dr. José Formosinho Municipal Museum, with a total eligible investment of 4,4 million euros and supported by 3 million euros by European Funds, through CRESC Algarve 2020.

This intervention was divided into two nuclei: «the Primitive Nucleus and the Archeology Nucleus, which have a distinct content logic, with the first completed and in operation and the second still ongoing, with the opening expected within two months, with an outdoor space where traces of a building complex in the city were discovered (14th/15th century) and the rehabilitation of two naves belonging to the old Lagos chain (16th century), in which objects and information will be made available that will allow contribute to the understanding of the city's history», according to CCDR Algarve.

This operation, initiated by the Municipality of Lagos, «aimed at the requalification of structuring equipment to reinforce the quality and diversification of the regional tourist offer, functioning as a mobilizer to attract new audiences to the Region, with an expected increase in the number of visitors of 5000 visitors/year».

After this intervention, the Lagos Museum Dr. José Formosinho received in 2022 an honorable mention in the “Museum of the Year” category of the awards from the Portuguese Association of Museology (APOM) and, in 2023, was nominated for European Museum of the Year 2023 (EMYA).

For the EMYA award, museums from the 47 European countries that have recently opened or undergone modernization or expansion works in the last three years can compete. In the previous year's edition, the winner was MindMuseum, in the Netherlands.

«These distinctions recognize the quality of the museum's permanent exhibition which, after undergoing rehabilitation works, presents a new look, a new programming of contents, the conservation and restoration of the collection and an appreciation of the collection on display, which makes it possible to make known the our history, culture, traditions and art», said the CCDR.

The Accessibility Project of the Dr. José Formosinho Museum of Lagos, «which includes adaptation to blind and deaf visitors, through the implementation of descriptive audio guides and sign language videos among other tools, was also worthy of mention as finalist in the EXPONE awards in Andalusia, awarded by AMMA – Association of Museologists and Museographers of Andalusia, for the category of Best International Exhibition Project among more than 50 applications that included participants from more than 10 Ibero-American countries».

The EXPONE awards «distinguish good practices and innovation in museums and exhibitions, rewarding inclusive, accessible and sustainable projects».

At the end of February, the Algarve 2020 program, in the closing phase, reached 99,52% of implementation, with a commitment rate of 113,78% (provisional figures with data reported to December 2023).