Socialists defend video surveillance to help firefighters protect the Algarve mountains

PS candidates for the legislative elections visited the three new aviation centers yesterday

Socialists argue that there must be video surveillance in Serra do Algarve to help firefighters protect themselves and fight fires. 

PS candidates for the legislative elections visited yesterday, February 14th, the three new aerial means centers, created in Cachopo, in the municipality of Tavira, São Brás de Alportel and Monchique and which came into operation this summer, having met with the Command Civil Protection Region in order to contract investment priorities for the next four years.

In a note, this party states that, in recent years, in addition to the three new Air Resources Centers, the new Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command was built in the Algarve, the Helicopter Base in Permanent Service, in Loulé, and the new Logistics Support Base, in Quarteira, which will be the headquarters of the Algarve Civil Protection special force company, a new professional unit that will have 120 elements at its maximum strength.

Highlighting the remarkable evolution in terms of readiness and improvement of Civil Protection means that, through a good understanding between the Government and local authorities, the Algarve has made in the last eight years, Jamila Madeira assumed on this visit the commitment of the socialists so that we can move forward in the next legislature with the installation of a forest video surveillance system.



«Surveillance of the Algarve forest is still carried out in an “analogical” way, with the obligation to place human resources in watchtowers. We must take advantage of new technologies so that, in the same way that we all realize the advantages of video surveillance in urban areas, in our mountains it is also possible to use modern technological means to guarantee another level of security and alert», assumed Jamila Madeira, head of the PS list for the next legislative elections in the Algarve.

The Algarve region currently has 1305 firefighters, of which 60% (785) are professionals, divided between 17 fire brigades, 13 of which are managed by Humanitarian Associations and four by local authorities, and 36 permanent intervention teams.

From the meeting of the socialist candidates for the Assembly of the Republic with the regional commander of Civil Protection Vitor Vaz Pinto and the operational commander Abel Gomes, there was also the need, together with the local authorities, to update the Alert and Response Platform in case of of seismic risk and tsunami that deserved the political support of PS candidates.