Deadline to validate 2023 invoices extended until tomorrow

After constraints on the last day of the initial deadline

The Tax Authority (AT) extended the deadline for validating invoices relating to 2023 on the e-fatura portal by two days, until Wednesday, after constraints on the last day of the initial deadline.

In response to Lusa, the Ministry of Finance states that the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, Nuno Santos Félix, «decided to extend the deadline for verifying and communicating invoices by two days», after specific constraints and access limitations on Monday. fair.

On Monday, AT stated that it received a high level of access, which led to taxpayers having difficulty validating invoices.

On that day, AT admitted that «the reported situations may be associated with this high number of accesses» and that it was monitoring «the aforementioned service and allocating all necessary resources to optimize the taxpayers' use/access experience», recalling that in addition to the e-invoice website, the e-invoice application is also available.

Validating invoices is one of the necessary steps in preparing the annual IRS declaration.

The delivery of the annual IRS declaration begins on April 1st, lasting until June 30th.