Adapted Swimming Open brought together 53 swimmers in Quarteira pools

The Algarve Swimming Association team came third in the collective classification

The Adapted Swimming Open, which took place on the 10th and 11th of February, brought together 53 swimmers in the municipal swimming pools of Quarteira. 

Organized by Analgarve together with the Regional Referees Committee, the event featured 294 events, in which 22 National Records and a DSISO World Record were broken in the Master 2 category, achieved by Algarve swimmer Filipe Santos from Lagoa Académico Clube. 

The collective classification resulted in first place for Selection of the Swimming Association of the Center North of Portugal (ANCNP), a second for the Selection of the Northern Portugal Swimming Association (ANNP) and a third party for the Selection of the Algarve Swimming Association (ANALGARVE).

Alhandra Sporting Club was also present in this competition. 

«The Open Adapted Swimming Championship is a clear demonstration of Analgarve's commitment to inclusive sport. This event not only offers valuable opportunities for athletes to compete and achieve their goals, but also aims to unite the pools in the Algarve to create better conditions for the practice of adapted swimming», says the Association in a statement.