More than 50 thousand people participated in the Loulé Carnival in two days

Loulé Carnival returns in 2025

Photos: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação

Avenida José da Costa Mealha, where the Loulé Carnival parade took place on the 12th and 13th of February, welcomed more than 50 thousand people this year, the organization announced. 

After the cancellation of the parade on Sunday, S. Pedro called a truce this Monday and Tuesday, so that Loulé residents and visitors, especially many tourists, could have fun “in style and in Loulé”, in an edition dedicated to the Objectives of Sustainable Development of the United Nations 2023 Agenda.

«On these two days we were surprised by a real flood and this was reflected in the mood of the traders who, on Sunday, were disappointed by the bad weather that forced us to cancel the parade that day. We believe that, despite everything, it was the right bet, as commerce enjoyed two full days, with the usual dynamics of this time of year», considered Vitor Aleixo, president of Loulé City Council.

In this parade, which featured 14 cars and 600 extras, current affairs featured in media episodes such as the directives from the president of the ECB, Christine Lagarde, to increase interest rates, the proposal from the Minister of Finance to increase the IUC on previous vehicles to 2007, or the Praetorian Case, which is putting the person responsible for the SuperDragões, Fernando Madureira “Macaco”, to justice. And not even the centenary of the local club, Louletano Desportos Clube, was highlighted in this parade, with Cristiano Ronaldo being LDC's “February reinforcement”.


Photos: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação


«The attractiveness of this parade lies in the fact that it brings together people from Brazil, which is beautiful, as it is the country of Carnival, but then we also have our tradition, with a different rhythm. It is this miscegenation, the combination of people, that makes this Carnival unique and charming», alluded to the mayor of Loulé.

Associations in the municipality also joined the party to promote this tradition: this is the case of AGAL – Associação Grupo dos Amigos de Loulé, the group As Tradições de Loulé or the Grupo Desportivo das Barreiras Brancas.

As every year, the money raised from the box office will be donated to the associations participating in the race (50%) and to social solidarity institutions and their causes.

Loulé Carnival returns in 2025, for three days of guaranteed revelry.