Chef Filipe Martins creates “Pastel da Ria” for the Confraria Marinha da Ria Formosa

Recipe will be published in a book

It has cockles and other products and seasonings that are very typical of the cuisine of the Algarve coast. “Pastel da Ria” is a new creation, which was born from the challenge launched by the Confraria Marinha da Ria Formosa to Head Filipe Martins, founder and manager of Kubidoce pastry shops.

This is a puff pastry pastry, filled with béchamel sauce, cockles, coriander, lemon, spinach, olive oil, bay leaves, fleur de sel, which «delighted everyone who has already tasted it», according to Cláudia Luz, grand master of brotherhood.

The recipe for “Pastel da Ria” will be published in the second book to be published by the Confraria Marinha da Ria Formosa «which will feature several traditional recipes for dishes with ingredients from the Ria Formosa, but also with new proposals for a gastronomic approach».