Around 2.500 false green receipts regularized after notification from ACT

The data was presented today by the deputy inspector general of ACT Cristina Rodrigues

The companies voluntarily regularized the contractual relationship of around 2.500 workers with false green receipts, after being notified by the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT), Deputy Inspector General Cristina Rodrigues said today.

These 2.500 workers correspond to around 15% of the 17.701 independent workers considered economically dependent (as they concentrate 80% or more of their income in a single entity), identified by ACT in an action to combat precariousness carried out at the beginning of this month.

This data was presented today by ACT deputy inspector general Cristina Rodrigues, who spoke to journalists on the day the entity is on the ground for a nationwide inspection operation with 70 large notified companies.

«The data I have is that there are more than 2000, around 2500, around 15% [of those regularized]», said the deputy inspector general, highlighting that, despite this already being «a significant number», it does not prevent ACT to “consider” that of the more than 17 thousand identified there will be others who still have their irregular situations.

«Companies were warned that, at the end of this first phase, we would go to the field and our perspective is to reach all companies and reach all workers. We do not want, we cannot, for any worker to have their situation left unevaluated and regularized in situations where, in fact, the evidence proves that we are facing an irregular situation", stated the person in charge.

In total, in the action at the beginning of February, ACT notified 9.699 companies to regularize the employment relationship of 17.701 workers with false green receipts.

The deadline for the regularization of these workers ended on February 16, and companies and situations in which this did not occur will now be subject to a series of inspections by ACT inspectors.

After visiting these first 70 companies – which were chosen because they were among the ones that had the most situations with signs of false green receipts –, ACT will, next week, inspect the others.

Cristina Rodrigues also stated that today there are “large dozens” of inspectors on the ground, but that “next week” the number will be higher, “because the idea is to expand and not have any company left to be visited, not a single worker left behind. see your situation analyzed in inspectional terms”.