PS candidates for the Algarve defend increased use of treated water for irrigation

Socialist candidates visited VRSA WWTP

The PS candidates for the Algarve were at the Vila Real de Santo António Wastewater Treatment Station, a unit that already promotes the reuse of treated wastewater, supplying Water for Reuse (ApR) to Castro Marim Golfe & Coutry Club and Golfes of Quinta do Vale, to send the message that the use of treated water in the Algarve will continue to be a commitment of the socialists, if they form a Government.

«Right now we have four golf courses being irrigated with water from treatment plants. The objective, by the end of 2026, is to use 8 cubic hectometers (hm3) of recycled water, that is, half of the water that all Algarve golf courses use for irrigation will come from sewage treatment plants”, said Jamila Madeira, head PS list throughout the Algarve during the visit.

This is work that is already underway, remind the socialists, since «the reuse of recycled water is one of the priority axes of the investment of 327 million euros in the Algarve Water Efficiency Plan, which is being implemented throughout the entire region. region".

In addition to the use of ApR, Jamila Madeira highlighted «the search for new sources of water, such as desalination, water capture in the Guadiana, the Foupana dam or connections to Alqueva, both for Odeleite and the Bravura dam, we have We must continue to invest in system efficiency and savings».

«We have 14,5 million euros to improve the water efficiency of public irrigation and 4 million for private systems. Municipalities already have 43 million euros to reduce losses from urban water supply systems. These are works that will produce major water savings and by avoiding waste we are increasing water availability», believes the head of the PS list for the Algarve.