ESEC/UAlg students gain studio and training with Ultra HD 4K technologies

Investment was financed by the PRR

The studios and video and audio department of the Higher School of Education and Communication (ESEC) of the University of Algarve (UAlg) are now equipped with cutting-edge Ultra HD 4K technologies, thanks to an investment of 94 thousand euros, financed through the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

With this investment, ESEC intends to «respond to the growing need for high-quality training and audiovisual production», as well as «keep up with rapid technological changes and provide students with an enriching educational experience», according to the university.

The renovation of the studios «arose from the need to offer an environment more conducive to pedagogical needs, preparing students for the challenges of the current audiovisual market. The selection and installation of new equipment was carried out with the utmost rigor, ensuring perfect integration of video, audio and lighting systems. Special attention was paid to ergonomics and usability, ensuring that teachers and students can make the most of new technologies without complications».

At the same time, the studios were transformed «into versatile and high-performance spaces» and the characteristics of the equipment now allow «the production of more sophisticated audiovisual productions, enriching the educational experience of students and raising the reputation of the University of Algarve in the field of training and audiovisual production”.

For António Lacerda, the director of ESEC, «this School has been a reference for the region, and for the University of Algarve itself as a whole, in the fields of Communication, Arts and Design, at various levels, given the strong connection between the courses the community".

This investment was part of “the construction of the FAB-LAB ESEC project” and is “a contribution to the development of the quality of higher education training, enabling advancement in the areas of new technologies and transfer of knowledge to external audiences, companies or institutions”.