Transport: «Algarve suffered for too long from indecision»

In Ana Paula Vitorino's opinion, it is necessary to enter «a more comprehensive mobility system, with on-demand and flexible transport»

Ana Paula Vitorino, president of the Board of Directors of the Mobility and Transport Authority (AMT), considers that the Algarve “has suffered, for too long, from some indecision regarding investments and the future of the railway”, arguing that the region must think “what is the most open system you can have”. 

In statements to the Sul Informação On the sidelines of a conference on transport, Ana Paula Vitorino outlined an overview of mobility in the Algarve, criticizing this decades-long delay.

For the person responsible, the solution involves «thinking about an alternative transport system that uses the train», but «with improvements».

«It is inconceivable that it is still like this, and it is not just electrification [that will solve it]. The stations must also, for example, be able to accommodate cars», defended the president of the AMT.

In Ana Paula Vitorino's opinion, it is necessary to enter «a more comprehensive mobility system, with on-demand and flexible transport because there is not enough demand to justify traditional bus routes».

Furthermore, at the same conference, António Pina, president of AMAL – Algarve Intermunicipal Community, also defended the same solution.

For the person responsible, one of the solutions is to have “new forms”, such as “the on-demand transport service, which is more flexible”.




«People and mayors need to recognize that this adaptation is not a loss of service, but an increase in quality and environmental and financial sustainability», he stressed.

The thing is, António Pina acknowledged, mobility in the Algarve «is not excellent, nor will it ever be».

«In the Algarve, we are 400 thousand people spread across the territory. We have a large dispersion and it is clear that serving locations of 10, 20, 30, 40 people is impossible, but this mindset it has to change,” he said.

For Ana Paula Vitorino, there is an urgent need for «tariff integration that encompasses the railway, buses, taxis on request and flexible systems» so that people «are not harmed».

«In the Algarve, we have to think about the most open system we need to have and stop dreaming about where this or another line will be extended, even though it may eventually be necessary», he added.

As an example, the president of AMT spoke of the possible connection to the Airport, which may or may not be by rail. What is certain is that, she concluded, «it is missed and important not only for tourism, but for residents».


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