Loulé: Exhibition “Where goes the top goes the stinger” ends with catalog presentation

On Saturday

The catalog for the exhibition “Onde vai o pião vai o ferrão”, which is on display at the Art Gallery of the Convento do Espírito Santo, in Loulé, will be presented on the 20th of January, at 17pm, in an event that will also be the finissage of this exhibition.

«”Where the top goes, the stinger goes” is more than a popular Algarve saying: it is the culmination and celebration of the second edition of the visual arts course run by the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD). This event represents not only the final point, but also a phase of experimentation, born from an intense period that involved classes, conversations, tutorials and study visits», according to Loulé City Council.



Throughout this course held in Loulé, in collaboration with the Municipal Galleries of Loulé, «participants immersed themselves in dialogues, projects and investigations. Methodologies and practices were questioned, references were exchanged, and together they imagined possibilities for artistic futures».

«This course was marked by three essential forms of meetings: with the guest artist teachers and the tutor (Gabriela Albergaria, Rommulo Conceição, Sonja Thomsen, Démian Flores, Claire Pentecost, Amy Yoes and Catarina Botelho); with the territory of the Algarve, exploring its diverse realities; and among the participants, who shared experiences throughout the two months of the course», second.

This event is free entry.