Michelin Chef Luís Brito spreads relaxation, passion and fun at Loulé Market

In an action to promote the “Michelin Star Revelation Gala – Portugal”, which will take place in Albufeira


Relaxation, passion and fun marked the gastronomic demonstration that Luís Brito, chef with a Michelin star at the restaurant A Ver Tavira, and actress Sara Prata carried out at the Loulé Municipal Market, this Saturday. It whetted the appetite for the first “Michelin Star Revelation Gala – Portugal”, which takes place on the 27th of February, at NAU Salgados Palace, in Albufeira.

The cataplana that was made by the chef, with products purchased moments before, at different market stalls, was given to taste by the dozens of people who gathered to watch the event. showcooking.

And, taking into account the testimonies that the Sul Informação collected, the cataplana made by Luís Brito was «delicious».


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