Algarve farmers create a Federation to unite sector associations

The installation commission for this federation will be created

The Algarve will have “a Federation representing the region's agricultural sector”, which will bring together the main Algarve associations.

The announcement of the creation of this new structure was made by Macário Correia, on the sidelines of the press conference promoted this Tuesday by Algarve farmers to talk about the water cuts announced for the agricultural sector.

The day before this meeting with journalists, a “substantial part” of Algarve farmers and the associations that represent them met in Loulé, to debate the issue of water scarcity and create a common front, to present various demands.

«All associations from the livestock, agricultural, horticultural and citrus sector were here and we decided that, instead of this being an occasional thing, motivated by the drought, we are going to create the commission to establish a federation representing the agricultural sector in the Algarve», revealed the president of the Sotavento Irrigation Association.

«We have three irrigation associations, an association representing the citrus sector (AlgarOrange), Global Avocados, for avocados, Madrefruta, which represents vegetables and red fruits», he explained.

These associations are joined by Ascal – Algarve Cattle Breeders Association, AIDA – Intermunicipal Association for the Development of Production and Valorization of Carob and Frusoal, among others.

Macário Correia also revealed that, «in the next few days», it will be published in Diário da República «the competition for the Foupana Dam project».


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