Portuguese League Against Cancer raised more than 1,6 million in this year's collection

A value that surpassed last year’s

The Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC) raised more than 1,6 million euros in this year's fundraising, an amount that exceeded last year's and which was collected by more than 20 thousand volunteers.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, Fernando Cavaleiro Ferreira, the president of the LPCC, explained that the increase in the amount raised this year (1.633.944 euros) is 3%, expressing the League's satisfaction with the solidarity of those who contributed to this fundraising, which took place in November.

«It is an increase of 3%, which we are very happy about. Once again the Portuguese population was once again generous towards the cause, supportive towards the cause, and that is always to be commended,” he stated.

The official also highlighted that the success of this initiative “will have repercussions on the lives of the people” supported by the institution.

In the 2022 collection, the LPCC had raised 1.590.856 euros, an amount that was converted into 11.988 consultations and the monitoring of 1.810 patients, within the scope of the psycho-oncology consultation program.

According to the LPCC, the amount raised last year in this initiative also allowed for 8.931 consultations for early diagnosis of skin cancer and oral cavity lesions, as well as the follow-up of 4.804 patients in day centers and the reception of more than a hundred and a half in the institution's homes.

This year, the LPCC launched a campaign to recruit volunteers, who are “never enough”, said the person in charge.

Francisco Cavaleiro Ferreira also highlighted the importance of the work of volunteers for the LPCC, not only those who participate in the annual collection, but also the more than 3.300 who, per year, complete 679.000 hours of volunteering.

Among these are those who do community volunteering: «They are those people who are more inland and, even here, in the big capitals, closer to the people. And then we really need people», highlighted the person in charge.

There are also “skills volunteers”, who are people who give their time using the skills they have, from different professions.

Francisco Cavaleiro Ferreira also explained that the League is expanding its presence in hospitals: «Increasingly we are in more hospitals and we are in several hospitals in the interior, which was something that didn't happen here a few years ago, and, therefore, the hospital volunteering also needs more people».

«I'm not going to say that it's something that has no end, but we are still far from meeting all the needs of cancer patients, especially because, when the State is unable to do it, we step in and, unfortunately, the State is unable to do as we would like », he concluded.