Housing is the priority of the Lagos Chamber Budget for 2024

Budget totals close to 100 million euros

Aerial view of Lagos – Photo: Francisco Castelo (DR)

Housing, water supply, environmental protection and nature conservation, culture, general administration and industry and energy are the priority areas of the Lagos City Council's Major Options for the Plan and Budget (GOP) proposal for 2024, which foresees a global amount initial revenue and expenditure of almost 100 million euros.

The proposal approved at a Chamber meeting now goes to the Municipal Assembly for discussion and approval.

In a press release, the Municipality of Lagos explains that this GOP 2024 proposal “is justified based on the uncertainty of the macroeconomic scenario, the consequences of conflicts in Eastern Europe and Palestine and the Middle East, the challenges of adapting to climate change, in the national situation, but also in the financing opportunities arising from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and 2030 that Lagos has known and managed to take advantage of».

With a budget of 98 euros, which represents 093% more than the initial budget approved for the 700 economic year, the municipality plans to spend around 15% on current expenses and 2023% on capital expenses.

According to the Multi-Year Investment Plan (PPI), of the programs, projects and actions that, in 2024, will absorb more financial resources, Water Supply and Housing take the largest shares (with around 7,6 and 6,4. 4,89 million euros, respectively), followed by Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation (4,89 million), Culture (4,3 million), General Administration (4,4 million) and Industry and Energy (XNUMX million).

The sum of investment in these six major areas represents more than 32 million euros, that is, 72% of the PPI for 2024 and 33% of the municipality's total expenditure.

In Housing, the effort will be directed towards reviewing the Local Strategy and implementing the actions foreseen therein, which aim to increase the municipality's housing supply and rehabilitate existing municipal developments, particularly in terms of their energy efficiency.

The increase in the number of dwellings to be built, from 153 to 260, is the starting point of this review.

In 2024, the municipality will deliver the first batch of 47 new homes, some of which have already been completed and others under development, such as the 6 homes to be built in Barão de São João and 12 in Lagos (Cerca do Cemitério) .

Contracts will also be launched to complete the projects for 24 homes in Chinicato, 21 homes in Santo Amaro and 104 homes in CHESGAL.

In parallel, the completion and approval of the Municipal Housing Charter, an instrument for planning and territorial ordering in matters of housing, is expected to be coordinated with other territorial management instruments.

In the area of ​​Water Resources, the focus is on several fronts, with large investments taking place.

Therefore, investments are planned in the permanent diagnosis of the state of infrastructures, in the conservation and maintenance of reservoirs, in the assessment and combat of saline intrusion in the sewage network, in the implementation of the “Implementation of Measurement and Control Zones” project (which aims to reduction of water losses in the municipality and has community financing approved under the PRR), in the renewal of water supply networks and in the adoption of information technologies to improve the efficiency of the systems.

Of the many projects and actions included in the GOP and Budget for 2024, the Lagos Chamber also highlights interventions in school buildings (namely 2nd and 3rd cycle); the expansion and requalification of the Health Center, as well as the construction of the new High Resolution Outpatient Unit, which will be provided with equipment for screening and early diagnosis of diseases (both financed by the PRR).

The commitment also involves implementing the Municipal Climate Change Adaptation Plan and the Urban Green Structure Management Plan; the stabilization of the cliffs of Praia D. Ana and Pinhão, the rehabilitation of the banks of Ribeira de Bensafrim and the requalification of pedestrian accesses and parking areas next to the beaches, starting with the Meia Praia Promenade.

The implementation of the “New Generation Business Reception Areas” project (also included within the scope of the PRR) will also be continued; the 3rd phase of the Green Ring (Parque da Cidade); the requalification of public space in the historic center of Lagos and the urban requalification of the São Sebastião area; the conversion of the fairgrounds into a health and well-being sports complex and the study for a new fairground.

In the cultural area, the expansion of the Municipal Museum of Lagos continues, with the creation of the archeology wing, the documentation center and a temporary exhibition room; the requalification of the built heritage, with emphasis on the Walls of Lagos, the Church of São Sebastião and the National Railway Museum Center, to be carried out within a framework of defining responsibilities and partnership with the respective guardians.

Other actions that will be implemented are the expansion of the coastal panoramic trail network, with the requalification of the section between Lagos and Luz; the rehabilitation of the Dr. Júlio Dantas Municipal Library.

There will also be “many social intervention actions, cultural, sporting and recreational dynamization, promotion, information, awareness-raising and provision of general and specialized care services, which characterize the day-to-day life of the municipality in its relationship with citizens, residents and visitors », concludes the municipality.