Faro unveils bust in honor of Canon Henrique

The bronze bust was created by sculptor Teresa Paulino

A bust, in honor of Monsignor Canon Henrique Ferreira da Silva, who was rector of the seminary of Faro and dean of the Cabido da Sé, was inaugurated this Thursday, December 7th, next to the chapel of Santo António do Alto, in the Algarve capital.

This project emerged within the scope of the participatory budget of the Union of Parishes of Faro.

The bronze bust was created by the sculptor Teresa Paulino, is 75 cm high by 70 cm wide and the pedestal is made of a regional stone.

Father Henrique, as he was known, was a native of Ferragudo, where he was born in 1925, having died in Faro, on October 5, 2003.



Among other ecclesiastical functions, he was a professor, rector of the seminary of São José, director of the Colégio do Alto, vicar-general of the Diocese of Algarve and dean of the Chapter of the Cathedral of Faro and responsible for the chapel of Santo António (one of the places where mass was said).

According to Bruno Lage, president of the União das Freguesias de Faro, «this tribute is a way of valuing the public space of our city by creating notes that highlight the identity of Faro and remember personalities who left their mark on our city».

«Canon Henrique was a unique man who dedicated his life to God and helping his fellow man and this bust is a contribution to ensuring that he remains in the history and collective memory of Faro. It should be noted that it has been 46 years since a bust was unveiled in the city of Faro, the last being the bust of Dr. João da Silva Nobre, located in downtown Faro, in the square with his name», he concluded.