André Gomes “misses” “365Algarve” and wants its return

President of the RTA is hopeful that the Government or funds from Algarve 2030 can finance a program with the same model as “365Algarve”

André Gomes – Photo: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação

The “365Algarve” program «left – and still leaves – missed». «There is funding, so that we can get it back on its feet», wished André Gomes, president of the Algarve Tourism Region, in an interview with Sul Informação.

Four months after taking office, André Gomes revealed to our newspaper that he has not yet given up hope that a new program will be created with the same model as the one that «was clearly a winning and recognized project».

Although the region launched “a challenge to the Government to create a similar program, as soon as 365Algarve is over», this challenge, «unfortunately, has not yet had a concrete answer».

«But we continue to wait and reaffirm the importance of a program that brought so much dynamics and diversity to the region, in terms of cultural offer and entertainment, in a fundamental period, the low season, that is, between October and May», he said.

«In fact, we experience with some difficulty this lack of responses, of support mechanisms, both for large and small events», he added.

Regarding the possibility of a similar program being created on the initiative of the region, André Gomes insisted that this will not be possible without support from the Central State.

«If, due to a greater transfer from the State Budget to the RTA, we had the capacity to create the program and boost it ourselves, we would certainly do so. Otherwise, we do not, in fact, have that budgetary possibility», he assured.

A possible alternative to Central State financing and a possibility “to be studied”, is “the next Regional Program [of community funds]”, Algarve 2030.

«To this extent, we challenge the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission, so that, within the programming of the next Operational Program, it includes this aspect of support and encouragement for the region's cultural dynamism, as there is a framework for this ».

As for the region's ability to set up a replacement for “365Algarve”, the president of Turismo do Algarve does not doubt that it exists, «since this was a program created in the region, for the region and for the country. Therefore, the entire cultural production that was included in 365 was defined at the regional level, it was not an imposition on the part of the Central State, which was, solely and exclusively, the financing entity».

«That's why it was so well regarded and recognized by the region, as well as by all those who had the opportunity to experience and experience the various events», he stated.

«Without a doubt, we would really like to have a 365 again in the region», concluded the president of the RTA.


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