It's official: the “365Algarve” is dead, but it will have a “replacement”

revealed to Sul Informação the Secretary of State for Tourism

Photos: Nuno Costa | Sul Informação

“365Algarve” is over for good, but it will have “a substitute” with “a much more ambitious proposal”, he announced to Sul Informação Rita Marques, Secretary of State for Tourism.

The official was in the region on Monday and Tuesday to visit four Algarve municipalities, learn about innovative projects and speak with businesspeople. On the sidelines of her passage through Verdelago, a luxury development that is being built in Praia Verde, in Castro Marim, Rita Marques revealed that “365Algarve” will not continue, but will be replaced by another line of support for events.

“We have a much more ambitious proposal. Within the framework of the “Reactivate Tourism” plan, which is a plan worth 6 billion euros, we have a specific measure for the Algarve, with a budget of 200 million euros, which will be called “+Algarve”», explained the Secretary of State for Tourism.

This program «will have, among others, a component of attraction and promotion of international events, creating here a substitute for “365Algarve”».

Which events will be supported and which exact funds will be available to them will only be known for sure when the program is finalized.

«We are now working on the details, they will be announced in due course», concluded Rita Marques.

This means that “365Algarve”, a cultural and tourist entertainment program designed for the low season that started in October 2016 and had a total of four seasons, each with a budget of 1,5 million euros, will disappear, as such, after having left a strong mark on the region.

It is enough to mention that it was within its scope that events such as the Festival of Contraband in Alcoutim, Jazz in the Adegas de Silves or Lavrar o Mar, in Aljezur and Monchique, among others, were born.

The uncertainty surrounding its continuity was much criticized by the agents of the cultural sector, but also from the tourism sector, which launched a petition to ask for the program to be reissued.