One dead and one seriously injured in two motorcycle crashes on the Silves/Lagoa road

Two different accidents, but involving motorcyclists from the same group

Accident at the roundabout – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

A 39-year-old man died and another 36-year-old man was seriously injured following two crashes that occurred earlier this evening, in two locations on the EN124, the road that connects Silves to Lagoa.

The death resulted from the crash of a motorcyclist, on the final curve of that road, already on the access to the EN125.

According to the Algarve Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command (CREPC), the death of this man of Portuguese nationality was declared at the scene, where 15 firefighters, GNR and INEM were present.

A little earlier, at 18:08 pm, another man, aged 36, was seriously injured when his motorcycle crashed, at a roundabout on the same EN124, next to the access to the A22.

For several minutes, the authorities did not even realize that there were two accidents, approximately 800 meters from each other, on the same road. O Sul Informação passed the scene and found that, at the roundabout, the seriously injured person was already being assisted by VMER, while, further ahead, on the curve, the other injured motorcyclist, whose death was later declared at the scene, was still waiting for assistance to arrive.

In statements to the Sul Informação, A CREPC source said that the seriously injured person was transferred to the hospital in Portimão.

There were five vehicles at the scene with 12 firefighters from Silves, GNR and INEM, with an ambulance and a VMER vehicle.

Alongside both accidents, there are numerous stopped motorbikes, as well as cars, causing traffic difficulties, meaning you must drive with caution in these areas.



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