OE2024: Local authority daycare centers will also be free in 2024

During the month of November, a new notice will be opened for the creation of an additional 12 places for daycare centers

Free daycare centers will be extended to local authority equipment in 2024, but only after vacancies in the social sector have been exhausted, the Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security announced today.

The announcement was made at the hearing of Minister Ana Mendes Godinho in the Budget and Finance and Labor, Social Security and Inclusion Committees, for the discussion on the next State Budget.

In her initial intervention, the minister said that the State Budget for 2024 (OE2024) “reinforces the social state” with a “historical” value, stressing that the option is to “guarantee that results are shared collectively in the fight against inequalities”.

He pointed out that 35 billion euros are included for social investment, “12 billion more than in 2015”, including 2,3 billion through the increase in family benefits, the Child Guarantee benefit or the free daycare centers.

“We have extended free daycare to 2024 children until 120, covering children of all ages. Also in 2024, free access to daycare centers in local authorities will be extended, when there is no response from the network registered with Social Security”, he announced.

He also announced that the payment of family benefits will become automatic from next year.

He argued that free daycare is “transforming lives and transforming Portugal, it will serve in the coming years and that no one can stop it”.

“Ensuring inclusion means ensuring growth and development,” he added.

The minister pointed out that the measure is also important in terms of equal access to the job market, especially in relation to women, noting that today is National Equal Pay Day and that the gap between men and women decreased from 16% in 2015. to 11,9%.

Still in relation to the social sector, the minister added that 848 social projects were approved, worth 823 million euros “dedicated to responses for children, for people with disabilities, for older people, for the most vulnerable people ”.

He added that a new notice will be issued during the month of November to create an additional 12 places for daycare centers.