Monte Gordo: Hotel Alcazar workers on strike on holidays until the end of the year

Workers want the hotel administration to take their demands into account

Workers at the Hotel Alcazar, in Monte Gordo, will strike all injured until the end of the year.

The decision was taken on Thursday, November 9th, and comes «following the meeting with the administration in which it rejected all the demands presented in the list of demands without presenting any counter-proposal», says the Hospitality Industry Workers Union, Tourism, Restaurants and Similar in the Algarve.

At issue is the demand for a 10% salary increase, at least 100 euros, and the setting of the minimum base salary at 850 euros in force since January 1st of this year, the reinstatement of payment for work performed on public holidays with the increase of 200% and the granting of compensatory rest corresponding to 25% of the hours worked, to be taken on a day of the worker's choice when he or she reaches the right to 8 hours of rest.

In addition, they require payment for work performed on a weekly rest day with an increase of 200%, with the allocation of 1 day of compensatory rest on one of the following 3 days, or on another day of the worker's choice, the guarantee of weekly rest at the Saturday and Sunday once a month, in addition to the normal weekly rest days, the phased reduction of weekly working hours to 35 hours, without loss of pay and the integration into the hotel staff of all workers with precarious employment contracts that respond to permanent needs.

According to the union, "the sector's employers complain about the lack of workers but refuse the proposals that would allow them to attract and retain workers."