Climate, housing, doctor and teacher among ten candidates for Word of the Year 2023

Online voting runs until December 31st, with the winner announced next January

The list of ten finalist words to choose from “The Word of the Year”, through the website, was released today by Porto Editora, which promotes the initiative, and climate, housing, doctor and teacher are among the ten candidates. 

Online voting runs until December 31st, with the winner being announced next January.

The first word on the list is “climate”, justified by extreme meteorological phenomena, such as heat waves, storms, droughts and floods that have affected the country.

Another word is “conflicts”, taking into account the military context in Ukraine and the Middle East, which “aggravates the global humanitarian crisis”, writes Porto Editora in a statement.

“Resignation” follows, chosen due to the “unexpected resignation of the Prime Minister” which “caused an unprecedented political crisis in Portugal”.

The fourth word is “housing”, justified by the “shortage of houses, the increase in interest rates and the value of rents” which “motivated demonstrations for access to housing”.

The list follows “inflation”, justified by the “general increase in the price of goods and services directly affecting the purchasing power of the Portuguese”.

Ordered alphabetically, the next word is compound, “artificial intelligence”, justified by the generalization of access to artificial intelligence, raising “questions about the risks and opportunities of its use”.

The list of candidate words also includes “journey”, “doctor” and “navigators”.

«Journey» due to the fact that, last August, World Youth Day was held for the first time in Portugal, in which Pope Francis was present, who visited the country for the second time.

«Doctor», due to the fact that «doctors continue to demand better working conditions in the National Health Service (SNS)», and «navigators», the name by which the players of the women's national football team, who participated this year, are known for the first time in the World Championship of the sport.

Another professional category that is part of the list is “teacher”, also due to the “hundreds of protests across the country” for the “valuation of the profession”.

The list of finalist words was drawn up through suggestions sent through the website, the most searched for in Infopédia's Portuguese language dictionary and the «monitoring of the reality of the language carried out by Porto Editora».

The online election for “The Word of the Year” has existed for 15 years, as part of an initiative by Porto Editora.

In previous editions, the following words emerged victorious: “war” (2022), “vaccine” (2021), “saudade” (2020), “domestic violence” (2019), “nurse” (2018), “fires” (2017 ), “geringonça” (2016), “refugee” (2015), “corruption” (2014), “fireman” (2013), “entroikado” (2012), “austerity” (2011), “vuvuzela” (2010) and “smiuçar” (2009).