Boat collision causes serious injuries and three minor injuries in Tavira

In the Quatro Águas area

One serious injury and three minor injuries resulted from a collision between two pleasure boats last night, November 16th, at the mouth of the Gilão river, in Quatro Águas, in Tavira.

The alert was given at 20pm yesterday by a member of the public, and members of the Tavira Maritime Police Local Command were sent to the scene, as well as members of the Tavira Municipal Fire Department and INEM.

According to the National Maritime Authority, «after the collision between the two vessels, each with two men on board, one of them was thrown into the water, having become unconscious».

The man who fell into the water was rescued by a person who saw the accident and was traveling on a pleasure boat, who «immediately provided assistance and resuscitation maneuvers» and transported the victim to the Quatro-Águas pier, « where there were already members of the Fire Department who continued to provide assistance to the victim and transported her to the hospital unit».

«The man returned to the water to help the other three men, by towing the injured vessel, taking it to land, where they were assisted by firefighters», according to AMN.

The members of the Maritime Police “recovered the other injured vessel, which was out of control, towing it to land”.

The local Command of the Maritime Police of Tavira took charge of the incident, «having seized the vessels as a precautionary measure and means of evidence, instituting a maritime accident process to determine the causes of the accident».