Célia Paz is also a candidate for Socialist Women

Ana Passos, current president, is re-candidate

Célia Paz, president of the Municipal Assembly of Vila Real Santo António and former deputy, is a candidate for the Socialist Women's Structure – Equality and Rights of the Algarve (MS-ID Algarve). Ana Passos, current president of this organization, has also announced that she is a re-candidate.

In a note sent to the press, Célia Paz said that, in the last internal elections, she had already considered moving forward with a candidacy.

However, to date, «due to thinking about the cohesion of the structure», the former deputy in the Assembly of the Republic did not move forward.

Célia Paz says that she has now decided to run for office because of the «idea and conviction that she can give more to the party, in this case to the MS Structure», in addition to having been challenged by «some comrades».

«The Structure cannot be limited to training actions and debates, although these are also important. But we must do more! We have to be on the ground. We have to be a Living Force in our party, in our region,” he says.

Célia Paz also wants to use her “experience” to help “bring more women to the forefront of Socialist Party politics and more women to lead on behalf of the Socialist Party, more chambers, more municipal assemblies and more parish councils” .