Users Committee welcomes the end of tolls on the A22

CUVI says it will mark the first toll-free day with a “loud honk” on Via do Infante

The Via do Infante Users Committee (CUVI) he "heartily" welcomed the approval of the end of tolls on the A22, approved by the Assembly of the Republic.

CUVI recalls how the «overwhelming majority of deputies in the Assembly of the Republic» voted, on May 2nd, in favor of the proposal.

Even so, the Users' Commission also criticizes the parties, remembering that it was a «PSD/CDS Government», with the support of the PS, that implemented the tolls.

«The parties of the current Government, PSD and CDS, continue to betray the Algarve, but were defeated in Parliament. Chega, which announced that it would vote alongside AD, did a pirouette and changed its voting direction, fearing that it would disappoint its voters», he adds.

CUVI even says that «those mainly responsible for this entire tragedy and setback for the Algarve were the PS and PSD».

«Over the years, these two political forces failed dozens of proposals to eliminate tolls on Via do Infante presented by other parties, mainly by the Bloco de Esquerda and PCP», he adds.

«Finally we will have a Toll-Free Algarve – for which the Users Committee fought so hard – after almost 13 years of ordeal that devastated the region and whose consequences were very harmful and tragic for many families: hundreds of victims, including deaths and injured, in the thousands of road accidents that occurred on the EN125 (not yet fully reclassified), one of the most dangerous roads in the country and considered the “road of death”», says CUVI.

The Users Commission also recalls that “mobility in the region has regressed for more than 20 years” and “economic, social and territorial inequalities” have worsened.

«The Algarve has lost economic competitiveness in relation to neighboring Andalusia; many companies went bankrupt and unemployment increased; Many users, because they were unable to pay tolls, subjected themselves to hellish traffic for hours on end on the EN125,” he says.

«In fact, António Costa promised in 2015 to end tolls in the Algarve, but he left and never fulfilled the promise given to the Algarve. Your Government also refused to comply with the stipulations of point 8 of Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic no. 50/2020, of June 19, resulting from a Draft Resolution presented by the Left Bloc and approved by a large majority – “the suspension of tolls on Via do Infante”. The PS is now seeking to redeem itself for its performance in Parliament and in the Government. But, better late than never», he concludes.

Even so, CUVI guarantees that «it will remain attentive and will not rest until the final law is approved to end tolls in the Algarve once and for all, with some speed, during the current legislative session».