Tavira agrarian post hosts final sessions of the “Observatório dos Rios” project

This weekend

The two final sessions of the “Observatório dos Rios” project, which took place over three weeks, in Tavira, will take place tomorrow and Sunday, October 21st and 22nd, at 15:00 pm and 10:30 am, respectively, at the Agricultural Experimentation Center de Tavira (CEAT), the former Agrarian Post.

This action was carried out within the scope of the “Odisseia Nacional” project, an initiative of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria I, which is in partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Within the scope of the “Observatório dos Rios”, Guarda Rios, a research and artistic creation collective, «brought together several visual artists and performers and questioned the current model of agroindustry», over the course of three weeks, in the CEAT community gardens, « a territory where issues of water scarcity are pressing and monocultures absorb large amounts of water resources», according to the Chamber of Tavira.

«Considering, also, that Tavira is a city rich in cultural life and historical heritage, two of the planned actions took place at the Ermida de São Roque and at the Clube de Tavira», he added.

During these sessions, «participants were invited to share experiences, knowledge and narratives that were incorporated into the dramaturgy of the work».

«The “Observatório dos Rios” presented itself to the public, through a series of interactive pieces and devices, activated by the participants, during the performance route. Through these meetings, the aim was to encourage associations and encourage local collectives to create their own observatories», the municipality further describes.

The “National Odyssey” «democratizes the theatrical offering and aims to portray key dimensions of cultural activity in Portugal, seeking, through theater, to create an in-depth reflection on the different realities, promote territorial cohesion and leave a foundation for the future».

The Municipality of Tavira recently signed a collaboration protocol with the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II that aims to disseminate and create artistic, cultural and educational activities in the field of performing arts, as well as promoting citizenship and democratization of the access to arts and culture.

The first collaboration resulted in the hosting of the “National Odyssey” project, which is in partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.


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