An “(Im)possible Reading Club” for parents was born

While parents read, children are in another room in the Library doing activities

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Rita Freitas is a family doctor, loves reading, but after having children she felt that the time to do so was almost non-existent. She went looking for a Reading Club that would meet her needs, but when she couldn't find one she decided to create one: the “Reading Club (Im) Possible”. 

But, after all, what is different about this club when compared to others?

«In reading clubs there is almost always a mandatory book, which for us, parents, is complicated, because as we have little time for books, we want to be the ones to choose. Furthermore, most of them are at times when we have no one to leave the children with. I went to the librarian in São Brás de Alportel and explained this situation. We came to the conclusion that the best option was to have a space where parents could get together to read and, at the same time, it was possible to have an activity in the library for the children», explains Rita Freitas to Sul Informação.

This is how the “(Im)possible Reading Club” was born, thinking not only of parents, but also of grandparents and educators who like to read and have no one to leave their children with during this period.


While parents read, children do activities


«This has advantages for parents and children, who get used to going to the library and looking at that place as a leisure space, where they can do various activities. There are already many initiatives for children in libraries, but almost none of them include parents and they, when they see that we are interested in literature, grow by example – this project is also different because of that», continues the doctor.

Regarding the choice of books, it is up to each participant and, according to Rita Freitas, there have already been «interesting dynamics». «A mother spoke in a book, The Vegetarian, by Han Kang. Another mother was interested and read it the following month so they could exchange opinions during the session».

The meetings are monthly and the location rotates, between the Library of Faro, Loulé and São Brás de Alportel.

The project, which started in May, already has five actions developed, the next one being on October 14th, at the Library of Faro, at 16pm, and following it on November 00th, in Loulé.

For now, the sessions will continue to take place only in these three Libraries, but Rita does not close the door on the possibility of dividing the activities between Barlavento and Sotavento.

Participation is completely free, but anyone who wants to be part of the Reading Club must register with the participating libraries.

«Although there is a group of constant members in several sessions, we know that life as parents affects our schedules (birthday parties, the championship and football, visits from grandparents, etc.) and therefore it is not mandatory to come to every sessions. This is a special club because it manages to respond to the obstacles to reading in the lives of parents in their active lives", explains the doctor, stressing that multiculturalism is also an aspect of the Club.




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