Exhibitions at the Photography Exhibition Faro are already being assembled

Exhibition will transform the Algarve city into the capital of photography until November 25th

Photography by Luana Dias / ETIC_Algarve

The exhibitions that will be on display at Fábrica da Cerveja, in Faro, within the scope of the Photography Exhibition of Faro (MFA) and which open tomorrow, October 21st, are already being assembled.

A Exhibition will transform the Algarve city into the capital of photography until November 25th.

Regarding the exhibition “Casa”, which brings together works by dozens of photojournalists and curated by Ana Brígida, Enric Vives-Rubio and José Farinha, and transforms the reflection on the house into an image, «not only as a physical place, but also as a space dreamed of by those who want to have a home", one of the two debates planned during this initiative will take place.

It will be on the 26th, with the theme “Housing Challenges in Portugal” and will take place in the ETIC Algarve Auditorium, in the Municipal Market of Faro.

The debate will have as guests councilor Carlos Baía, who is responsible for housing at the Chamber of Deputies. Faro, photojournalist Gonçalo Fonseca, Reinaldo Teixeira, owner of the Garvetur/Enolagest real estate group, Ana Tarrafa, from Movimento Porta a Porta, and also Fábio Zacarias, president of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve. Moderation will be in charge of Nuno Costafounder of Sul Informação. Admission is free.


Photography by Luana Dias / ETIC_Algarve



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