Silves Castle becomes pet friendly

“(Im)Perfect Friends” exhibition marks change

Silves Castle will become pet friendly and the exhibition “Amigos (Im)Perfeitos”, by photographer Carlos Filipe, will mark the beginning of this change, on October 7th, at 17pm.

The exhibition, promoted by the Heritage Sector of Silves City Council, will mark not only this new feature but also National Castles Day.

«“Amigos (Im)perfeitos” is an exhibition where you will get to know a group of animals that changed the lives of everyone around them through their strength to live, through the love they gave to those who welcomed them and raised their heads, when the world seemed wanting to tear them down», explains the municipality in a note.

Each portrait is accompanied by a letter that tells a little about its story. The exhibition also offers an interactive component to visitors, as, with their cell phone, they can scan the code on each photograph to watch the video about each of those portrayed.

The entry of four-legged visitors promotes some basic rules of conduct, such as the mandatory use of a leash.

Carlos Filipe, author of the exhibition, is from Aljustrel, graduated in Portuguese and English and moved to the Algarve in 2005. He began taking photographs in 2009, out of mere curiosity, focusing on his work on self-portraits and fascination with conceptual photography.

For several years, he portrayed emotions, feelings and stories that led him to build several exhibitions in different regions of the country.

He published numerous works in newspapers and magazines, taking a break from his creative journey to travel the world in search of inspiration. When he returned to Portugal, he restarted his photographic journey, specializing in pet photography.

In 2019, he launched his first book “Amigos (im)Perfeitos” with photographs and texts of his own, which later culminated in an exhibition. That same year he opened his photography studio in Lagoa where, in addition to offering all his photography services, he receives abandoned animals from all over the country that he photographs to help with their adoption.

The story of the project was born after the photographer adopted Boris, a two-month-old dog, collected on the side of a road with a bitten rope tied around his neck.