Água Monchique shows the first bottle without labels in Germany

“Monchique Natura” entirely produced from other bottles

Água Monchique will be present at one of the most renowned international fairs in the agri-food sector – Anuga –, which takes place between the 7th and 11th of October, in Germany, where it will showcase “Monchique Natura”, the first Portuguese bottle , and one of the first in the world to reach the market without labels.

Entirely produced from other bottles, Monchique Natura replaces the use of labels with embossing on the packaging itself, being 100% recycled and recyclable.

The maroon lid is fixed, in order to ensure that at the end of their life cycle the two components are recycled together, already anticipating the European standard, which comes into force on July 1, 2024, and which stipulates that packaging of beverages, with a capacity of less than 3 liters, can only be placed on the market if the capsules and lids remain attached to the packaging.

The bottle is available in 555 ml and in packs of six, in ecological packaging, made from recycled cardboard, with FSC certification, and will be on the market by the end of this year.

«Anuga is known and recognized for being a “showcase for the world”. Its global impact and relevance enables participating companies to come into contact with players from all geographies, creating and enhancing countless business opportunities and the possibility of reaching new markets», says Água Monchique in a note.

According to Henrique Prucha, Commercial & Marketing Director of Sociedade da Água de Monchique, the presence of Água Monchique at Anuga 2023 «presents itself as a privileged moment to make our most recent innovation, Monchique Natura, known to the world.

«A project received internally with special attention and which we believe will have enormous acceptance on the national and international market. We are a proudly Portuguese product and brand, which once again proves its continuous commitment to innovation and sustainability and which is positioning itself among the main players worldwide", he concludes.

The 2021 edition of Anuga was attended by more than four thousand exhibitors and more than 70 thousand visitors, from 169 countries.