Silves expands the area of ​​selective collection of food waste in restaurants

Initiative is part of the “Lixo Zero Ambiente 100” campaign and aims to place “Silves in Valorizar da Serra ao Mar”

The Municipality of Silves expanded the area of ​​the selective collection operation of food waste (bio-waste) to the commercial sector of the Union of Parishes of Alcantarilha and Pêra.

This initiative, which is part of the “Lixo Zero Ambiente 100” campaign, aims to put “Silves in Valorizar da Serra ao Mar”, and started on the 25th of September.

In a note, the municipality states that «the project that was pioneered in the Algarve region constitutes an important step in meeting the environmental objective that involves the correct management of bio-waste, by the end of 2023, throughout the country».

The selective collection of food waste from establishments is being implemented gradually in the municipality of Silves using containers and buckets suitable for this type of waste.

The restaurant sector will thus benefit from a dedicated circuit and door-to-door collection with buckets (23 liters) and its own containers (120 liters), duly identified (RFID technology) and designed to store waste of this type.

«The initiative will allow for greater health in the urban space, preventing unsorted containers from being overloaded with food waste», says the Chamber, which gradually expects the accession of more establishments producing bio-waste until the entire municipality is covered by selective collection.

The product of this selective collection effort goes back to the region's economy with the production of quality compost (natural fertilizer) and diversion of landfill waste.

The operation is fully financed by the Environmental Fund, as part of the application to the RecolhaBio program – Support for the implementation of selective collection of bio-waste projects.