Politécnico de Beja launches applications for the 2nd phase of masters in more than 10 areas

Application period runs until September 22

The Polytechnic Institute of Beja (IPBeja) announced this Friday that the application period for the 22nd phase of master's degrees is running until the 2nd of this month, in more than 10 areas.

Agronomy, Physical Activity and Health, Accounting and Finance, Community Development and Entrepreneurship, Special Education – Specialization in the Cognitive and Motor Domain Pre-School Education and Teaching of the 1st Cycle of Basic Education, Nursing and Food Engineering are some of the master's degrees found in application period.

The IPBeja also informs that the masters in Computer Security Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Social and Community Gerontology, Internet of Things, Safety and Hygiene at Work and Social Work – Social Risks and Local Development are also in the process of being applied for.

Applications must be made online, on the IPBeja.

IPBeja guaranteed, for the next academic year, the placement of 324 new students in the 1st phase of the national access competition (CNA) and recalled that it will create an offer of “503 new beds” for students.


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