Faro, Portimão and Lagos join the “Home to Live” demonstration

The gathering will be at 15pm in the three Algarve cities

Photo: Joana Ogando | “Home to Live” Movement

Faro, Portimão and Lagos will join, next Saturday, September 30th, the “Home to Live” demonstration, which demands solutions to the housing problem, and will take place all over the country. 

The meeting will be at 15pm in the three Algarve cities: in Faro, in Jardim Manuel Bivar, in Portimão, in Largo 1º de Outubro, and in Lagos on Rua Vitor da Costa e Silva, behind Adega da Marina.

According to the “Home to Live” movement, «the PS in the Government and in the Assembly of the Republic insist on reconfirming the diplomas referring to the “More Housing” program, in fact “More Speculation” and thereby forcing the promulgation and entry into force of the same”.

«It is important to reiterate that in these diplomas we do not find the necessary solutions to people's problems in accessing housing – hence the bad option. Their reconfirmation is only justified by the PS's subordination to the private and speculative interests of banks and real estate funds that profit from the brutal housing costs imposed on those who live and work in Portugal", they add.

«What is required are measures that reduce housing costs and guarantee access to it for a decent period of time with the stability necessary for the emancipation and life of each person. What is demanded is an end to evictions and the repeal of the Evictions Law. What is required is more public housing and student accommodation. What is required is an improvement in salaries, pensions and pensions to cover housing costs», they conclude.