Another drug boat caught tonight in the south of the Algarve

Joint operation of the Portuguese Navy, National Maritime Authority and Air Force

A high-speed vessel suspected of drug trafficking activity, with 60 jerricans of fuel and three crew members on board, was seized this morning, in a joint operation in international waters, 70 nautical miles (about 130 kilometers) south of the Algarve.

It was a joint operation by the Portuguese Navy, the National Maritime Authority and the Air Force.

The three men who were detained aboard the speedboat are Spanish nationals and between 28 and 35 years old.

According to the Maritime Authority, "the high-speed vessel was identified and monitored by the Portuguese Air Force, having been pursued by two naval means and by three high-speed vessels, one from the Navy, operated by Marines, and two manned by Police agents. Maritime", ending up being intercepted on the high seas.

The three detainees have already been "subject to the necessary procedures for their identification and consequent legal formalities".

The Navy, the National Maritime Authority and the Portuguese Air Force «continuously develop missions to combat drug trafficking in the Algarve», stress the three security forces.

In this context, since the beginning of the year, 66 people have been arrested and 28 high-speed boats with around 30 tons of narcotic product have been seized.


Action to combat drug trafficking in international waters in the south of Portugal


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