Polytechnic Higher Education was the choice of more than 19 Portuguese students

“Polytechnic Higher Education continues to be the option of many Portuguese students, who recognize the excellence of the work carried out by Polytechnics”

Polytechnic Education registered the placement of almost 19 thousand students, according to the results of the 1st Phase of the National Competition for Access to Higher Education (CNAES), which were released today.

The Coordinating Council of Higher Polytechnic Institutes (CCISP) explains that the number of students placed in the 1st phase this year is similar to that of 2022 which, in practice, represents a higher placement rate, given that the number of candidates was lower to the verified in 2022/23.

For the president of the CCISP, Maria José Fernandes, it is clear that “Polytechnic Higher Education continues to be the option of many Portuguese students, who recognize the excellence of the work carried out by the Polytechnics on behalf of the country and the dynamization of the business sector”.

The data released today by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES), he stresses, “reveal the excellent work that has been carried out by the various institutions in Polytechnic Higher Education, which, while seeing their credibility further strengthened, continue to actively contribute to the qualification of the population and to territorial cohesion”.

Regarding the approximately 4.000 vacancies that will be made available for the 2nd phase of the CNAES, the president of the CCISP is confident, and believes that most of the vacancies will be occupied.

“Whether through the 2nd and 3rd stages of access to Higher Education, or by filling vacancies for Over 23s or Graduates from Professionalizing Paths, or the special competition for access by holders of a bachelor’s degree”, guarantees Maria José Fernandes.

In the next phase, students can also apply through local competitions, special access regimes, as well as special competitions for students holding a technological specialization diploma; holders of a higher professional technician diploma; holders of other higher education courses; international students and holders of dual certification courses at secondary level and specialized artistic courses.

According to data released by MCTES, they accessed Portuguese Higher Education, in this first phase, a total of 49.438 students in public higher education. A number that represents a decrease of 0,7% in relation to the same phase of the 2022 competition, when 49.806 students were placed.

Also according to MCTES data, 59.073 students applied for the first phase of the CNAES. Compared to 2022, 2.434 fewer students were registered, for a total of 54 vacancies. Thus, the number of students placed reveals a placement rate of 311%, which represents an increase of three percentage points compared to the previous year.

In the understanding of the CCISP president, this is an important incentive for the institutions affiliated to the Council. “It is a clear sign that all the work carried out to bring Polytechnic Higher Education closer to the job market, companies and regional and local administration is recognized by students when it comes to opting to continue their studies after completing Higher Education. Secondary”, maintains Maria José Fernandes.