Silves, Armação and Pêra already have public spaces where pedestrians have priority over cars

To create conditions that make the municipality's public spaces friendlier to the inhabitants, favoring the reduction of road traffic and sources of atmospheric and noise pollution

Silves, Armação de Pêra and Pêra are the three locations that have already implemented three coexistence zones (ZC) in the municipality, that is, «spaces specially designed for shared use between pedestrians and vehicles, with specific signage».

In these spaces, recalls the Câmara de Silves, «special traffic rules are in force that favor the enjoyment of passers-by and require greater discipline in the circulation of vehicles».

In this way, those currently circulating in Praça da República (Silves), Avenida Frente Mar (Armação de Pêra), Largo 1.º de Maio and Rua Almeida Garrett and Alexandre Herculano (Pêra) are circulating in coexistence zones, where pedestrians have priority over vehicles and where drivers must adapt their speed to pedestrian traffic conditions, never exceeding 20 km/h.

In these zones – and in accordance with article 78º-A of the Highway Code – pedestrians and drivers must take into account the following rules:

» Vulnerable users can use the entire width of the public road without restrictions
» It is allowed to hold games on public roads;
» Drivers must not compromise the safety or comfort of other road users, and must stop if necessary;
» Vulnerable users must refrain from acts that unnecessarily prevent or hinder the transit of vehicles;
» Parking is prohibited, except in places where this is authorized by signage;
» Drivers leaving a coexistence zone must give way to other vehicles.

Another particularity of these zones is the fact that «they obey the fundamental rules of urban design of the public road, based on the principles of inclusive design, considering the needs of vulnerable users, including the definition of a single platform, where there are no separations level physical spaces between the spaces destined to the different modes of movement'.

«An important step has thus been taken towards the promotion of pedestrian travel and enjoyment of public spaces with positive effects in terms of the environment, reduction of car traffic, safety, attractiveness, inclusion and quality of life in these areas of the municipality of Silves», emphasizes the autarchy. The system of coexistence zones could be implemented elsewhere in the county.