Get your life jackets ready: Ria Formosa receives the launch of Ciência Viva in the summer… by kayak and solar boat

Ciência Viva no Verão chose “Nature’s Alerts” as its motto this year

the program of Live Science in Summer has its official launch scheduled for Ria Formosa, on Monday, July 31, with the presence of Elvira Fortunato, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education. With the guests, the minister boards a solar boat that will meet the participants of a kayak trip organized by the Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve.

For the launch, the activity “Discovering the Ria Formosa by kayak” was chosen, in which participants will get to know the riches and specificities of this unique lagoon system and so important for an increasingly alert nature.

The solar-powered boat From Here Boats, a company dedicated to environmental awareness and education, will leave with journalists and guests from the Faro with the scientific supervision of Sara Raposo, coordinator of the Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA) at the University of Algarve.

The route intersects with that of the kayak tour participants, guided by researcher Rita Carrasco, also from CIMA.

Together, the boats will pass by the Center of Ramalhete, aquaculture station of the University of Algarve.

For the 2023 edition of the program, Ciência Viva no Verão chose “Nature's Alerts” as its motto, a reminder of the changes caused by human action on the planet.

The program with this theme is curated by researchers Maria Amélia Loução, from the Center for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes at the University of Lisbon, and Filipe Duarte Santos, from the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon.

Observing the sun or the night sky, understanding the ecosystems of marshes, forests and estuaries, learning about the geology that gave rise to the landscape or visiting large engineering facilities are some examples of the activities promoted by Ciência Viva.

In total, there are 372 actions spread over 601 dates, which take place throughout the national territory, including the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.

As in previous years, after just one hour of registration opening for Ciência Viva no Verão, more than 3.500 people had registered for the actions.