Breast photo requests for fake cancer screenings are back in the Algarve

Alert is left by ARS Algarve, which «will report again to the competent authorities the referred occurrences»

The Regional Health Administration of the Algarve alerts the population to the false telephone contacts that are being made in the name of breast cancer screening by a person who calls himself a doctor. 

«The ARS Algarve Screening Center was aware that, in recent days, telephone calls have been made to users in the region, on behalf of the Breast Cancer Screening Center. The contact person calls himself a doctor and responsible for the ARS Algarve screening program, requests personal data of an intimate nature and that photographs of the chest be sent to him, procedures that have nothing to do with the Health Services, nor with the Program of Breast Cancer Screening in the Algarve», clarifies the health entity, noting that «the said occurrences will be reported again to the competent authorities».

This is a situation that had already happened in 2019, as o Sul Informação reported.

ARS Algarve also informs the population that the Breast Cancer Screening Program in the Algarve, carried out in partnership with the Oncological Association of the Algarve and the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve, began in September 2005 and covers all the municipalities in the Algarve.

This screening is currently in its ninth round, with the call for users, referencing, management and monitoring of the program carried out by the Tracking Center of the ARS Algarve.

Women between 50 and 69 years of age enrolled in Health Centers in the region are contacted by letter sent by the ARS Algarve Screening Center to perform a free 3D digital mammogram with Tomosynthesis, at the Mobile Health Unit that runs through all municipalities. Scheduling can be done by the user herself through the platform.

«Users are only contacted by telephone to confirm their visit to the exam, or to book it. However, in this contact, users are never asked for data or personal information of any kind», reinforces ARS Algarve.

«The screening actions promoted by ARS Algarve among the population, in various areas of health, are always publicized in the site, disclosure that can be complemented through posters, but never by personal contact, namely by telephone», the health entity also explains.