Quinta do Lago as an Accessible Beach is the big news of the blue flag in Loulé

The Blue Flag Program has a support space, the Blue Center, in Quarteira

The official bathing season in the municipality of Loulé will take place between the 1st of June and the 30th of September, and as has been usual over the last few years, the bathing areas of Quinta do Lago, Ancão will display the “Blue Flag” and “Golden Quality”. , Garrão Nascente, Garrão Poente, Vale do Lobo, Loulé Velho, Almargem, Forte Novo, Quarteira and Vilamoura,

As for the “Accessible Beach” award, in addition to the seven recurring beaches, this year it will also be displayed in Quinta do Lago, “with only Garrão Nascente and Almargem left out so that the seal of accessibility is on all beaches in Loulé”.

The Municipality of Loulé, together with the other partners and decision-makers within the scope of the Blue Flag Programme, has been implementing a strategy with a view to recognizing the municipality's coastline as an area of ​​excellence for bathing, based on standards of harmony and balance between the different beaches and with a qualified offer that complements each other and becomes a reference for national and foreign tourism.

This distinction is «the culmination of a remarkable and demanding effort that the municipality of Loulé develops in the preparation and planning of the bathing season, guided by criteria such as the good quality of the bathing water and a rigorous management and safety of the beaches and surrounding areas» , adds the Loulé Chamber.

Accessibility is also «one of the Municipality’s main bets and concerns, which intends to see the most diverse human situations included and dignified».

In this sense, the municipality's beaches have increasingly presented «better privileged conditions of accessibility and mobility for all, including the possibility of assisted bathing».

The Blue Flag Program has a support space, the Centro Azul, in Quarteira, open to the public between June and September, from Monday to Sunday, with the availability of two technicians/animators who monitor and streamline activities and provide information and clarifications to citizens.

Aimed at young people, this structure is aimed at the general population and seeks to cover all age groups. At Centro Azul, citizens enjoy the services of the equipment that aims to inform, sensitize and raise awareness of the importance of preserving and promoting bathing areas.