Ambifaro will start passing direct fines

the ambifaro will have this competence in the Limited Duration Parking Zones (ZEDL), that is in the areas that have parking meters

The Ambi municipal companyfaro will be able to pass direct fines, from the 8th of May, after having signed a protocol with the Institute of Registries and Notaries (IRN). 

the ambifaro will have this competence in the Limited Duration Parking Zones (ZEDL), that is, in the areas that have parking meters.

One of the novelties is that the municipal company, in addition to parking meters, will also be able, in these zones, to inspect and fine «irregular parking and/or parking outside authorized places, such as crosswalks, sidewalks and pedestrian zones, loading and unloading places, attributed to people with reduced mobility, BUS stops, in the second row and other violations of road rules».

Ao Sul Informação, Ambi fontfaro said that the municipal company will start to carry out the «processing of the infraction, without access to the PSP», after having also acquired a software.

It's just that, by being assimilated to Administrative Authority Agents, Ambi's inspectorsfaro «are duly accredited by the National Road Safety Authority – ANSR and have the relevant legal legitimacy. Its mission is, essentially, the defense of the public interest and the safety of the population», says the municipal company.

Until the 5th of May, those who still have unpaid parking meter fines can go to the Ambi storefaro to prevent infractions from evolving into administrative offences.

So much Ambifaro and the City Council believe that, with these measures, «they will guarantee more proximity and effectiveness in inspection and will contribute to the improvement of urban mobility, also guaranteeing the safeguarding of the interest and safety of pedestrians and local residents, as well as the needs of carriers of disability and conditioned mobility'.

Moreover, the municipal company has been managing the parking meters in the city since 2019.

At the end of 2018, the Chamber of Faro decided not to renew the contract it had with a company, which operated much of the city's parking meter network. At the time, the forecast of the municipality was that the tariffs would be charged again in January 2019, already with Ambifaro ahead of operations.

But the pretension of the executive led by the Social Democrat ran into votes against the opposition, in the Municipal Assembly. A lead that, Rogério Bacalhau said at the time, questioned Ambi's financial viabilityfaro, who needed the revenue from the parking meters, estimated at around one million euros a year, to meet its financial obligations, largely linked to the construction of the Municipal Market in Faro, equipment that is managed by this municipal company.

In July 2019, a new proposal from the executive for the transition to Ambifaro management of most surface toll parking zones  was approved in the AM, thanks to a vote in favor of a member of the PS bench.


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