Here comes a journey of creative and intuitive writing by Faro

Participation is free, but prior registration is required.

Here comes a journey of creative and intuitive writing through the city of Faro, guided by the artist and writer Maria Adelaide Fonseca, this Saturday, March 4th, at 16 pm.

The motto of the workshop is the phrase “The look travels the streets like written pages…”, by Italo Calvino in Cidade Invisíveis.

This initiative, promoted by Bolota – Criatividade em Movimento in partnership with the Commercial Development Association of the Historic Zone of Faro (ADCZHF), has as its objective «that each participant establishes an encounter with the words that inhabit the city».

«The workshop “Com Passo de Escrita” intends to lead people to experience the city in a unique way. The streets, the shops, the people, the details, the architecture, the art, the senses, the sensations and the colors will be inspiring starting points to discover the city at the tip of a pen»,

Participation is free, but prior registration is required through this form.

The meeting point is in front of the Mango store, on Rua de Santo António, at 16 pm.

The necessary material is a pen and a notebook with a hard cover and a comfortable handle.

The route lasts one hour.

Maria Adelaide Fonseca is a multidisciplinary artist who has been creatively experimenting for 30 years in the areas of writing (short stories, dramaturgy and poetry), theater, performance, video performance, painting and artistic installation, oral narration, artistic direction, artistic programming in cultural infrastructures, singing and presentation at galas, production, casting and direction of actors in theater and cinema and social volunteering.