Teatro Lethes will be “Incandescent”

Tickets cost 10 euros

The show “Incandescent”, a theater-dance play, will take place, on the 24th of March, at 21 pm, on the stage of Teatro Lethes, in Faro. 

“Incandescent” is about “the history of fire, its importance and relationship with forests and also about forest fires”, says ACTA.

«With a text built from several interviews with researchers and people who are by profession related to fire practices, fighting forest fires and forest studies, it is expected that this piece reflects on the importance of knowledge of fire and its function in the history of humanity», he adds.

The show will be performed by a performer only and will have physical theater, dance, shadow puppetry, live music and foley arts.

Tickets cost 10 euros and can be purchased here