PSD Portimão proposes scheduling an extraordinary chamber meeting on education

Party regrets that Isilda Gomes was not present at the 1st Extraordinary Session

PSD Portimão wants to propose scheduling an extraordinary chamber meeting on education after the 1st Extraordinary Session of 2023 of the Municipal Assembly of Portimão, which took place on Monday, February 6th.

According to the Social Democratic Party, the session had an audience full of people from Porto, mostly parents and guardians.
education that led to several questions about the current state of Education in the municipality of Portimão. However, the mayor Isilda Gomes was not present.

«Last week, in an ordinary meeting of the City Council, which also had the absence of President Isilda Gomes, councilors Rui André and Ana Fazenda informed that they would submit the request for the convening of an extraordinary meeting on education and mentioned that they follow with concern the state of education in the municipality and want, with this request for a meeting, to continue the debate and resolution of this type of problems in a 'third world' scenario that the PSD wants to see resolved quickly», refers the party.

In the session of the Municipal Assembly, Carlos Gouveia Martins, leader of the PSD and the Municipal PSD bench, thanked the presence of dozens of Portimonenses in this session and referred again to the will of all PSD elected officials to the various local government bodies to debate and create forums to debate and resolve the issues that currently affect thousands of Portimonian families.