Artistic project that reflects on climate change starts in Faro

On the 23rd of February, the first conversation open to the public takes place at the Centro de Ciência Viva de Faro

The first artistic residency of “Waterworld”, a multidisciplinary project around rising sea waters as a result of global warming, which crosses several areas and disciplines, such as visual arts, performing arts, literature or ecology, kicks off this week, in Faro.

During this first residency, the group comprising Bruno Caracol, visual artist and project coordinator, filmmaker Pavel Tavares, writer Joana Bértholo, sculptor Rita Castro and artist Joke van den Heuvel will «deepen the collective design of the project’s imaginary , in the encounter with the concrete territory of the Ria Formosa, collecting traces and images, talking to inhabitants and researchers around the changes that are already being felt, the forms that are already being designed for adaptation and the possibilities that this submerged future brings to the territory », explain the pormotors.

After this first phase, there will be a conversation open to the public, entitled “The Ria Formosa in a submerged future” at the Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve, in Faro, on February 23, at 17:00 pm, which will feature several speakers specializing in the topic.

“Waterworld” involves the creation of objects, fictional texts, audiovisual pieces and micro-events with the community that will accompany the creative process, which will be condensed as an audiovisual installation and online platform.

Throughout 2023, three more artistic residencies will take place with new working groups. In the end, an installation will be created, which will bring together the material produced during the residencies with presentation in the Algarve, occupying a place not usually open to the public regarding maritime culture.


“The Ria Formosa in a submerged future” – conversation
Algarve Live Science Centre, Faro
February 23rd, 17pm

Forecasts point to a 50 cm rise in sea level by 2100, submerging and placing what we know today as the Ria Formosa and its barrier islands in an intertidal zone. The Waterworld project starts from this data to imagine possibilities of coexistence with this future, thinking about it from the perspective of science fiction, seeking from it the tools to transform the present.

Ana Paula Lopes: Europe Direct/Lixarte
Paula Vaz: APA, Portuguese Environment Agency / Lixarte
João Encarnação: Nema – Nema Project Coordinator – New Marine Species of the Algarve, University of Algarve
Nicolas Blanc: Fisheries and Aquaculture Technician at Sciaena
Gonçalo Duarte Gomes: Landscape Architect/APAP District Delegate

Cristina Veiga Pires: executive director of the Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve, researcher at CIMA and assistant professor at the University of Algarve

Waterworld project team
Bruno Caracol, Joke van den Heuvel, Pavel Tavares, Rita Castro

Support: DGArtes – Portuguese Republic, Loulé City Council
Partners: Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve, Devir Capa, Oficinas do Convento, 23 Milhas
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