Housing, education, health and social action are priorities for the 2023 Loulé Budget

House will also maintain tax cuts

Education, health, social intervention and housing are the priorities of the Municipal Budget (OM) for 2023 of the Câmara de Loulé, which was approved on Monday by the Municipal Assembly of Loulé.

The Chamber will also not change taxes, which it has been reducing to the maximum or ceasing to collect over the years, maintaining positive discrimination for those who live in the interior of the municipality and for those who have children.

In the field of investments, the OM foresees the construction of 64 dwellings in the Clona allotment, in Loulé, for a total of 12 million euros.

Already under way are the construction of the Creche do Forte Novo, in Quarteira, with an ongoing investment of 2,4 million euros and the new building of ACES Central, USF Lauroé, UCC Gentes de Loulé and the University Health Center , with a final total investment of 5 million euros.

«It is also worth mentioning the investment of 5,2 million euros in closing the Circular Norte de Loulé and the investment of more than 4,3 million euros in the water and sewerage networks of Sobradinho, Alçada and Lagoa de Momprolé», he points out. the Loulé Town Hall.

This budget also includes the launch of the international public tender for the «biggest public work in the Municipality», budgeted at around 25,2 million euros: the requalification of the coastal area of ​​Quarteira and Vilamoura with the future Municipal Market of Quarteira.

In the Culture and Sports axis, investment will advance in the Cultural Quarter in the center of Loulé, budgeted at 13,1 million euros, and, in the Water Efficiency axis, investment will be made in the acquisition of equipment.

With regard to fiscal policy, in 2023 the IMI rate will remain at the applicable minimum value of 0,3%. «On the other hand, as a way of combating the desertification of the interior, a decrease of up to 30% of the rate set for 2023 was approved, allowing to encourage those who want to settle in these territorial areas. The proposal is specifically aimed at the parishes of Alte, Ameixial, Salir and União de Freguesias de Querença e Benafim».

Still with regard to IMI, «as an essential basis of a policy to support families, there will be reductions of 20, 40 and 70 euros (fixed amount) in the rate of this tax, according to the number of children in the household», he adds. the chamber.

As has happened in recent years, the municipality will abdicate the 5% of the variable participation of the Municipality of Loulé in the IRS of Loulé citizens, money that will remain on the side of Loulé taxpayers.

With the business fabric in mind, the non-application of the surcharge on taxable profit and not exempt from IRC was approved.