Land purchase opens doors to build the new Vila do Bispo School Center

New structure will integrate pre-school, the first cycle of basic education and the rehabilitation of the EB 2,3 School

The rehabilitation of the EB 2,3 School in S. Vicente de Vila do Bispo, built in the late 80s and early 90s, and therefore «very old-fashioned», is the priority of the project that will be carried out, involving the land that the City Council has just bought it to build the School Center at the county seat.

Rute Silva, mayor of the City Council, signed, on the 19th of December, the deed for the purchase of land next to that school, for the amount of 538.200 euros.

With an area of ​​12.312 square meters, «the acquisition of this land represents an important step in the realization of that school equipment», emphasizes the City Council.

In statements to the Sul Informação, Rute Silva explained that now follows the execution phase of the project, which will include pre-school, the first cycle of basic education and the rehabilitation of the EB 2,3 School in S. Vicente de Vila do Bispo.

The construction of the future School Centre, one of the executive's investment priorities, aims to «improve the teaching and learning conditions of children».



«The rehabilitation of the EB 2,3 is our priority, using funds from the PRR. This school still has simple glass, the laboratories are old, the classrooms are no longer prepared for current teaching. The roof has already undergone works recently, to remove asbestos, but everything else needs a thorough requalification, in order to make the school more comfortable and more attractive for the kids», added the mayor of Vila do Bispo.

«What we intend to resolve is, above all, the thermal issue and energy efficiency» of the building, said the mayor, in statements to the Sul Informação.

The next priority is the first cycle school, «because I have the kids in containers». «Our budget is not large and, even using the PRR, we have to carry out the work on the School Center in stages», highlighted Rute Silva.

This is because the municipality of Vila do Bispo is one of only six Portuguese municipalities that have registered, in the last ten years, an increase in the number of resident children (up to 14 years of age). According to Jornal de Notícias, Vila do Bispo recorded a 19,3% increase in the population of this age group.


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