Minke whale and dolphin wash up on the coast in Portimão

In both cases, the alert «was given by people passing by»

A minke whale and a dolphin washed ashore this Sunday, December 25th, at Praia da Rocha and Prainha (Alvor), respectively. 

Ao Sul Informação, Rodrigo Gonzalez dos Paços, captain of the Port of Portimão, said that the whale, which landed on Praia da Rocha, was about 6 meters long.

The dolphin, which landed in Prainha (Alvor), has «about two».




In both cases, the alert «was given by people who were passing by».

According to the captain of the Port of Portimão, a team from the Rede de Arrojamentos do Algarve will today «investigate the two animals».

EMARP – Portimão Municipal Water and Waste Company will remove the animals tomorrow, the 27th, at 7 am.




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